Who are we?

LOCAE Technologies is a company founded in 2016 which is engaged in the commercialization of software and hardware, training and services in IT sector, information technology, communication and information systems.

Our activity is focused on consulting and services on Digital Audit area and have developed a Digital Audit Global Tax Solution for digital audit and tax compliance (GTMS – Global Tax Management Solution) comprising a cockpit to manage and validate data submission to regulators, data structure generation broker from ERPs and data integration with Tax Authorities. This is a real end-to-end solution that allows companies to be ready to respond to Tax Authority requirements in several countries, controlling and managing the information exchanged with Tax Authorities.

A LOCAE Technologies strives for excellence and delivering value to its customers, endowed professionals with a wide experience on legal requirements and in the definition new digital audit trends, supporting national and multinational companies to assure Tax Authority compliance on the several countries where they do business.

Our main business activities are: 

Global Tax Management Solution:

Cockpit to manage and validate data submission to several Tax Authorities and other regulators.

Data structure generation broker from ERPs.

Localizations development on the generation of SAF-T, SAF-MOSS and e-Files.

Data integration with Tax Authorities.

Digital Audit Services:

SAF-T Assurance.

Analysis and tax and technological advisor on the legal requirements and new digital audit trends.

Project Management.

Information Systems Director Plans.


Global Tax Management Solution support.

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