Do your daily operations comply with what is required at the tax level?

The Digital Audit is changing the way financial and fiscal audits are being performed and driven.

Digital transformation enables the process of verification and analysis of documents, transactions and processes to be carried out at a much greater speed!

Governments around the world use technology to accelerate the collection of trillions of euros a year in value-added tax (VAT) and other consumption taxes.

Tax Authorities are using electronic data (provided by taxpayers) to perform tax audits and these electronic audits are replacing the paper audits, as they are more efficient and effective.

Are you sure that your daily operations comply with what is required at the tax level, in all countries where your organization does business?

In front of local legislation changes, are you able to ensure that the adjustments (at data and technical levels) are made available at very short notice and in the format that Tax Authorities require?

We have the solution for you! How can we help you?

Data structure generation Broker from ERPs

Data structures definition and generation to assure a more efficient analysis and audit.

Localizations development on the generation of SAF-T, SAF-MOSS and e-Files

Single and centralized global solution to manage and validate data submission to regulators (SAF-T, E-files, …), data structure generation broker from ERPs and data integration with Tax Authorities.

Multinational Companies e-tax Advisor

E-tax advisor and analysis on the legal requirements and new Digital Audit trends.