SAF-T Assurance

We help you on checking and analysis of your SAF-T file

In order to mitigate the risk and consequences of delivery non-compliant information to the Tax Authority, it is clear the need to validate that SAF-T file is correctly generated, in terms of structure and the information contained therein.

Some countries where the SAF-T file is used are: Portugal, Luxembourg, Singapore, Austria, France, Lithuania, Poland and Norway. Discussions on adopting SAF-T are taking place in Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Malta, Spain, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and UK.

We can help you through our SAF-T Assurance service:

Import monthly SAF-T file on COL.BI*cube

This software allows the analysis of all the data on your SAF-T file, as well as identifying syntax, integrity and materiality problems, by performing a wide set of automated audit procedures on all transactions therein.

Findings identification

Identification of possible non compliant items in the SAF-T file (in terms of structure and data quality).

Findings explanation

Explanation of each non compliant item found, by type of the SAF-T file analysis result.

Recommendations to fix non compliant items in the SAF-T file

Based on the type of non compliant items as result of the SAF-T file analysis, we point out recommendations to fix these items, regarding technological issues (at the ERP level) or tax consulting.

What will you gain with SAF-T Assurance and COL.BI*technology?

Ability to identify and promptly fix issues related to integrity, materiality and syntax of the information reported in the SAF-T file that may be subject to inspection by the Tax Authority.

Ensure the compliance of the information submitted to the Tax Authority, accordingly to the legal requirements related to the SAF-T file.

Demystification of the difficulties normally associated to the configuration and export the SAF-T files in the several Accounting and Billing software.

We help you in checking and analyzing your SAF-T!