Comply with legal requirements in different countries where you do business.

Global Solution for Digital audit

Contrary to what many people and companies may think, the importance of Value Added Tax (VAT) and other excise taxes are keep growing on a wide scale, since such taxes are a big source of revenue for many governments.

As Tax Authorities adopt and use technology tools and increase their data analysis capacity, companies need to have certain and awareness of the source data, formats, and content delivered electronically to Tax Authorities around the world. The failure of this delivery can lead to the risk of intensified audits and automatic assessments, increase of tax fines, refusals or delays of reimbursement and reputational (relationship with the Tax Authority) and operational risks.

Thus, tax compliance is a major concern of multinational companies, and it’s becoming crucial the adoption of a centralized solution to manage and control the information that is mandatory to send to the different Tax Authorities (and other regulators).

Taking this concern into account, how can we help you?

We are providing a Digital Audit Global Tax Solution comprising a cockpit to manage and validate data submission to regulators (SAF-T, E-files, …), data structure generation broker from ERPs and data integration with Tax Authorities.

This solution includes also a generic extraction adapter for ERPs (eg. SAP ERP, …), that allows the extraction of the required data, to be sent to Tax Authorities (and other regulators).

This is a real end-to-end solution that allows taxpayers to be ready to respond to Tax Authority requirements in several countries, controlling and managing the information exchanged with Tax Authorities.



Global solution for internal audit and managing the information exchanged with Tax Authorities and other regulators.

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