05th of December, 2016

Forecasting possible changes to the SAF-T (PT) file, we hereby announce that the Portaria (Law) with changes to the SAF-T for 2017 has already been published in Portugal (in force as of 1st of January 2017, for 2017 and next years), which is available on the Diário da República electronic website (Portaria 302/2016, of 2nd December) and on the Portuguese Tax Authority website (Standard Audit File for Tax purposes).

This Law comes to introduce the Taxonomy concept (to the accounts characterization according to the accounting regulations used by different taxpayers) that will be reflected in the information in the General Ledger included on SAF-T Accounting file.

This changes will affect Billing and Accounting systems that shall be prepared to correctly produce the SAF-T file, compliant with this law, applied as of 1st of January, 2017.

Thus, we inform that we are fully prepared and available to support companies in the validation and auditing of their SAF-T file, in accordance with this new legal requirements. Col.bi is already prepared to audit and validate if the Billing and Accounting systems produce it correctly. We can also be helpful through out SAF-T Assurance service on supporting companies to validate if their SAF-T is produced correctly (both at the structure level and the information therein).

We would also like to inform that, in partnership with BDO, we are preparing a Workshop to clarify these changes to the SAF-T file, focused on the technological component as well as on the tax component.

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