• GTMS - Global Tax Management Solution

    Our end-to-end solution to respond to the global tax requirements.

  • SAF-T Assurance

    We help you on the analysis and verification of your SAF-T file.

  • Powerful analytical platform for audit and compliance

    Allows you to be certain about the information sent to Tax Authority.

GTMS – Global Tax Management Solution

Single and centralized Global Solution that allows you to manage and validate the information submitted to several regulators (SAF-T, E-files, …), data structure generation broker from ERPs and data integration with Tax Authorities.

Data Analytics and Audit Solution

Digital Audit Solution that allows you to check the accuracy of all transactions contained in the SAF-T file.

Digital Audit (e-audit) challenges

Governments around the world use technology to accelerate the collection of trillions of euros a year in value-added tax (VAT) and other consumption taxes.
This kind of taxes are a big source of revenue for governments. Over the years, VAT, sales, excise, customs and other consumption taxes have accounted, on average, for about 10% of gross domestic product (GDP) for the 35 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Furthermore, Tax Authorities are using electronic data (provided by taxpayers) to perform tax audits and these electronic audits are replacing the paper audits, as they are more efficient and effective.
The differences between e-audit practices and data legislation in different countries make it hard for international companies to standardize data practices. This requires that taxpayers must be in a constant state of readiness, as in many countries, the information requested by the Tax Authorities must be available at very short notice and in the format they require.
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